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The term "maintenance-free siding" first arrived with aluminum siding in the early l950's.

There are three kinds of maintenance-free sidings:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
All three products are excellent for what they do.

Aluminum siding was an excellent siding in the beginning, especially in coastal areas where there was a lot of salt water. However, aluminum siding did not hold up well where there was a lot of hail.

Steel siding then became popular because it withstood hail better than aluminum.

Both aluminum and steel siding have painted surfaces. Each manufacturer has its own method of applying the paint process to the metal.

Vinyl siding is the most recent maintenance-free product. Vinyl siding, unlike steel or aluminum, is colored all the way through. Vinyl has probably become the most popular in recent years.

All three products come in various colors and widths in horizontal as well as vertical application. Before making any decisions, check your phone book for dealers and distributors and visit their showrooms as they can show you all three products in a wide variety of colors, sizes and finishes. Then you can decide which is best for you.

In rural areas you can call to request brochures and perhaps actual samples, as well or you can call Home Remodeling Technology and we will assist in getting samples to you.

Note: there are some companies that no longer sell aluminum siding.

In every neighborhood there has been some kind of maintenance-free siding installed. If you see a house you like, take the time to talk to the homeowner. They are usually more than happy to share what they know and what product they have. They can tell you the brand name as well as the company who installed it. There are those people who know exactly what they want by product name.

All sidings have a lifetime warranty and most include hail damage, and are also transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

You should read each warranty for each product, as the product is only as good as the warranty behind it. All warranties can be found by going to the warranties page and clicking on the links.

All sidings have accessories that make your job complete such as outside corner posts, starter course to start the first row of siding at the bottom of your home, J-channel to go around windows and doors, finish trim for the top row of siding, caulking to match the color of your siding and last but not least, aluminum nails, NOT steel, as steel nails will rust leaving streaks of rust on your siding when you wash it down with the garden hose.

In short, if you have read the warranties and know the siding you like best, it eliminates the salesperson trying to sell you what he or she wants you to buy.

Now you know how much siding you need, what accessories the job will take and the kind and color you want. Home Remodeling Technology, Inc. will ship the materials directly to you or help you select an installer who can receive, deliver and install it for you.


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